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Why the iPad is GREAT for wounded Soldiers

The iPad isn’t just a cool/fun technology, it can be incredibly useful for our wounded warriors. Below are different Apps that you can get on your iPad that will help with brain injuries, PTSD, stress, anxiety, and overall recovery…

Our wounded warriors deserve the absolute best and an iPad is a token of our gratitude and a tool for recovery!
See below!

Answers HD App-
It is a two button choice app, with the standard yes/no choices. It also let’s you write other choices and record the words in your own voice…
For example, we ask Doug (soldier suffering a brain injury) what branch of the military he is in, one choice will be usmc, other choice will be army. This app is a huge asset in Doug’s communication.
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Small Talk
Designed for people with aphasia, an impairment in the ability to use language, SmallTalk Aphasia provides a vocabulary of pictures and videos that talk in a natural human voice.
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Speak It
Speak It To Me is an advanced text to speech app for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Use Speak It To Me to speak any English text you type. Paste in emails, webpages, and any other text you can find.
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Check these as well: Speak pad, Tap to talk, icomm, and Pics aloud.

Music Apps: Music is very important for brain injuries- Jampad, Shaker, Virtuoso, Tappy tunes, Axylophone, Guitar, and Finger drums.

Interactive apps are important for cause and effect and to help with motor and cognitive skills. Some of our favorites: Pocket pond, Whiteboard, Fireworks, Fluidity, Art of glow, Neon mania, and Hunt plus.

Cognitive Apps:
123 numbers, ABC Letters, Flash cards, and many autism apps.
** For those that may be higher functioning, there are many apps that will help them organize and remember things, such as Evernote, remember the milk, cozi, wunderlist and leadertask.

For families wanting to understand more about their loved ones brain injuries, or to understand terms thrown at us by doctors, and to cross reference medications and such, use: Medscape, Pocketrx, Anatomyacu, 3d brain, and mTBI.

PTSD Apps:
PTSD coach, PTSD support, breathe2relax, t2 mood tracker, and PTSD support for veterans.

We wish all our wounded warriors a steady and solid recovery. Thank you.

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