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Thank You Letter From Afghanistan

“Well, I am absolutely FLOORED. Wish I had a video of my reaction to opening the package from N. Bryan for iPads for Soldiers. Some smoke definitely got into my eyes. XXX , you, your family, and now this organization are absolutely amazing. This kind of generosity is unheard of.

I know you know the difference this will make to those of us who won’t be by the warmth of a good old American fire for Christmas. So, so many thanks for the supportive patriots in the Key Biscayne area….which I hear is beauuuuutiful, but can’t imagine it outdoes the beauty of the kind hearts we have just been blessed by.

I have received two packages and six iPads in total (along with some really cute homemade cards) and am going to have the hardest time picking which Soldiers get to open probably the craziest surprise of their life (maybe I should do it randomly but I know a handful that this iPad would be life-changing for). I think one of the very best parts of giving is seeing the immediate joy in the faces of those receiving–so my intent is to videotape the initial shock and awe of this amazing generosity so you guys can “feel it” too!

This involves keeping it on the DL which may be challenging, but we’ll see how my guys do. Hopefully I can get this together into a half-decent “thank you” film for your organization. Disclaimer: I’m artistically challenged Anyway, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you and for this godsend that your idea manifested (yes, I read the website).

All I could keep thinking of when I opened that package filled with joy to spread is “how am I so lucky?!” Thanks for making us all lucky.”

– Letter from female soldier in Afghanistan

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