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Soldier got injured in Afghanistan while studying on his iPad – INSPIRING STORY!

Please read this VERY important letter we just got in the mail. It is a story of dedicated soldier, who works hard & has given so much for all of us. Please help us to support him!

Hi my name is Phillip X X and I’m a SGT in the US Army. I received an iPad from you on my last deployment along with 19 of my fellow soldiers. You sent 20 iPad 2s to my unit C XXX-XXXXXX ( we were the Med Evac at JAF) at FOB Fenty ( JAF, Jalalabad), Afghanistan in 2011.

Well to get to the present I was on my 3rd deployment to Afghanistan. I was stationed on FOB Shank with the same unit from my last deployment (C XXXXXXXXXX). My unit is providing med evac coverage for the shank area. We would get mortared on a daily basis and some times it would happen multiple times a day. On May 30th around 7pm I was in my tent studying for the promotion board when the base IDF (indirect fire alarm) went off.

I did the normal thing and laid on the floor and covered my head. Just a few seconds later a 107mm mortar landed just inches off to to my right. I opened my eyes and could see the destruction in my room. I then felt a burning on my back and at that point I got up and ran out of my tent once outside I began yelling for help and had a group of people came and picked me up and carried me to the bunker where they started working on me.

It was a group of my own medics who were the first responders to work on me. To get to the point I’m currently living at the Walter Reed Hospital in Maryland. I was studying for the promotion board on the iPad 2 that I had received from you guys on my last deployment. The iPad 2 was destroyed along with a lot of my other personal belongings. Ironically to I had a piece of the iPad glass in my eye which they removed in a surgery here. Some of my other injuries are shrapnel wounds on my arms, legs, back, butt, and skull.

I also had a fractured ankle and left hand index finger was almost severed which was saved and reattached. I have a minor TBI and both my ear drums were perforated by 70%. There’s also a couple of other minor injuries. I was still one of the lucky ones because I still have all my arms and legs and all of their other attached pieces. Sorry this has been so long and detailed and I really hate to do this cause it makes me feel greedy.

It’s just that I got so used to having an iPad and now I don’t and I don’t know how this really works, but would it be possible to get a replacement? If not i completely understand. Also just so you know there was another soldier in the blast too Danny Fittos who was also with me at JAF in the Med Evac and he’s still in the unit with me. Thank you for your time, sorry if I wasted it. And once again I completely understand if you can’t or won’t do this. Thanks


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