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iPads for Soldiers Teams up with DIAGEO

Hi Everyone!

We’ve had a really incredible year so far. We’ve had the support of tons of great Americans- people like YOU who have donated time, resources, and energy so that we can get iPads to our troops far from home and those wounded stateside. We simply could not do it without all of your help, so a BIG thank you to everyone who has helped!

On Valentines Day 2013 we delivered 56 iPads! Over the holidays we delivered over 200!!!!! And we’ve been delivering them here and there and every in between in the mean time! That means that our troops in Afghanistan can talk with their families back home, share photos, videos, and important moments with loved ones. In the hospital the iPad has helped countless soldiers recover!!! It helps them keep track of their schedule, stay in touch with loved ones while they recover in the hospital, and it provides them with apps that deal with PTSD, Brain injuries, and more…

We’ve received tons and tons of letters from our troops saying thank you! We’ve also had lots of soldiers sharing personal stories that wouldn’t believe and sharing how much the iPad has helped them.

We still have millions of requests that we’d like to fill… so please help! We won’t stop and we need your support…Consider donating any amount today! Remember 100% of your donation goes directly to purchasing iPads! Our team is completely volunteer based!

Have a great day!

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