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Never Forgotten Dimitri Del Castillo

On this day, exactly one year ago we lost an amazing son, a loving husband, a man, a boy, a friend, a soldier… Dimitri Del Castillo died in combat in Afghanistan.

Here at iPads for Soldiers we hear about the loss of MANY (too many) brave soldiers and each one of them is just as important as the other.
However, Dimitri Del Castillo was a bit different because he was a friend and fellow West Point graduate of my brother, Wesley Pritchett, a pilot who was also in Afghanistan when Dimitri died. So today we would like to honor Dimitri Del Castillo – We are so thankful for your service, contribution, and your ultimate sacrifice. You will not be forgotten.

To his family – We wish you strength and love. We also thank you for the sacrifices you have had to make and the loss you endure everyday.

In Honor of Dimitri Del Castillo PLEASE consider donating an iPad to one of the many IN NEED soldiers…

Thank you and God Bless <3

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