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Letter From A Soldier in Afghanistan

Please read the below letter from a brave soldier currently working in Afghanistan. Please help us send them iPads… We need your support.

“I am a Combat Stress Psychiatrist working in Afghanistan. I recently ran into a group of soldiers who had been given ipads by your foundation. They were so excited by the donation it was truely a pleasure to see. I can’t thank you enough for your kind works for our soldiers.

That said, I have four mental health technicians who are junior enlisted folks both Army and Air Force who would be very deserving of ipads. These 4 individuals cover all of of RC East in Afghanistan. They travel to some of the most dangerous Forward locations in the world to try to alleviate the frequent mental health problems seen in our troops. They work 12-18 hours per day to help their fellow soldiers. In the many months I have served with them they have never complained about the hours or the burden of hearing about the very worst days of our soldiers lives. They work tirelessly to help others and I have been enormously proud to serve with them. A donation like yours would communicate to them in a way I fear my words fail to that their jobs are immensely important. They make a huge difference in the lives of soldiers everyday and I would love to see them rewarded for this. If you require more information about these individuals I would be happy to provide it.

TF MED-A/Combat Stress Clinic
FOB Fenty, JAF”

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