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iPads For Soldiers Visits Walter Reed Army Hospital

This past weekend founders Winnie and Wes Pritchett personally brought over 30 iPads to our wounded heroes at Bethesda. Many of the soliders have lost several limbs and suffer various degrees of brain damage.

Joining them was their son Wesley Pritchett, a helicopter pilot who recently returned from Afghanistan and Jeramy Pritchett, founder of Blindfold Magazine.

The benefits of iPads to our wounded soldiers both emotionally and physically is almost impossible to count… The touch screen allows soldiers who are missing fingers, hands, etc. to navigate the iPad with moderate ease. Many soldiers use the iPad as a tool for recovery – the countless apps provide our brave soldiers with a fun and engaging way to learn.

Most importantly, it allows them to email and FaceTime with their loved ones that cannot be with them…

The experience was beautiful and it was also heartbreaking in many ways. But our men and women are strong, they will recover. We must not forget them.

Thank you.

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