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Help us give MORE iPads to our troops….!

Miss Pritchett,

We received the ipads you sent! I can’t tell you how overwhelming it is to receive these.

When they arrived I had my HQ people come in the office and gave them a little speech about how I know they work hard and that a lot of people know that and how people in America still support us and care about us.

They had no idea where I was going of course and I had the ipads in a drawer next to me and they were all standing around me. I told them that we were given some gifts and they’d each receive one and when I opened the drawer and they saw what was in them (keep in mind these are grown men), it was akin to the commercials/videos you may have seen where parents tell their 4-year old they are going to Disney World. I really should have recorded it because it was totally priceless. The picture didn’t come out very well other than PFC Bridge’s face, the guy in the middle.

This is truly overwhelming to receive an incredible gift like this. The Soldiers were of course thrilled and it will help on the deployment and make things a little better. We’ve kept it quiet within the unit as you requested. Once we’re home we’ll be looking for ways to support your organization so other Soldiers can benefit as well. Thank you so much for your support and for what you and the people who are supporting you to make this possible. I know this must take an incredible amount of time and work on your part. Thank you so much.

Very Respectfully,

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