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From the troops in Afghanistan…

“I am truly blown away selflessness of iPads For Soldiers and at the generosity of those who donate. You have no idea how big of an impact your organization has on Soldiers here in Afghanistan and in recovery centers. iPads are the perfect, portable gift for the guys living in cramped, dusty tents and / or slowly recovering in lonely hospitals.”

– Soldier in Afghanistan


“…I’ll get your boots enroute – but bewarned, they’re dusted with Afghan dirt and begrimed with American sweat. My company is stationed out of Ft Knox, KY. We’re currently deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan. My Soldiers and I are attached to a Special Forces Battalion and serve in the capacity of “uplift” forces. In essence, my infantrymen provide additional combat power to the small, elite Special Forces A-teams they are attached to. On any given day, we go on dismounted patrols, mounted movements (on gun-trucks, as drivers and gunners), pull security in guard towers and at shuras, and conduct resupply missions throughout our Area of Operations. It’s a thankless and tough job, but I’m impressed everyday with the relentless vigor my Soldiers display. They are truly hard working men and women. If you are on facebook, you can find my company page at “Viper Company.” I try to upload pics there and keep the wives at home informed on what’s going on with their husbands.”

– Soldier in Afghanistan

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