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Footsteps to Freedom Art Basel 2014


Exhibition at Art Basel 2014

December 2-7

2121 NW 2nd Avenue, Wynwood

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This powerful art installation was created utilizing the war-torn combat boots of our heroes, sent from the front lines, transformed by artists from all over the country, including Shepard Fairey, Britto, and many more. On display first throughout Art Basel 2014, this exhibit is intended to remind all of the need to support our military, as well as to raise funds to show them love and support through our 501c3. Would you like to see this incredible exhibit while on display in Miami December 2-7? The space is in the heart of Wynwood, 2121 NW 2nd Avenue. To attend the premiere party on Friday, December 5 at 6, please email us at

*** 100% of money raised will go directly to their support.
*** Nothing deducted for administration
*** Over 5,000 ipads delivered to our troops since 2010


After these boots are showcased through various avenues, they will be auctioned to raise money for our troops. If you are interested in being contacted with information about this auction, please email us at


“Ipads for Soldiers” is dedicated to supporting our heroes on the front lines and those recovering stateside in our military hospitals. We have created and dedicate this installation to the men and women who sacrifice everything, every day, to protect our lives and our freedom.


Written by a soldier who donated boots to this installation:

“In these boots I have bled. These are the boots that carried me through in times of great despair. I am SGT Andrew Burge and these are my boots. In these boots I have traveled farther than many men. I have been shot in combat wearing these boots, but these boots brought me back to my feet and allowed me to fight on. These boots have been there during some of the worst times in my life and have been there during some of the best times of my life. When I gaze upon these boots it takes me back to a time of unforgettable pain, suffering, and loss. The friends I will never see again, the explosions that I thought would remove my lifeless body from these boots, and the memories of looking down at these boots through tears and sorrow as names of soldiers are called out, but they are not present for duty because they have made the greatest sacrifice a soldier can make. I have prayed to these boots, “please keep me moving, don’t let me stop, let me make it through just one more time, please don’t fail me now.” Oh the stories these boots could tell. But I love these boots. These boots are a constant reminder of not only the bad but the good as well. I see these boots and I see the faces of friends long gone and relive the memories of good times in the worst conditions. I feel the comaraderie that only brothers in arms can feel, the bond that never goes away. These boots are a reminder of the unselfishness of soldiers and measures we are prepared to go to in order to preserve the safety of one another and our loved ones back home. We are the other 1%, the less than 1% of the American population who is ready and willing to accept the call to arms and protect the nation from any who wish it harm. In these boots I bore witness.”

100% of the money raised will go to supporting our troops through
Miami-based, grassroots not-for-profit