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Our Super Supporters!

We are always immensely grateful to ALL of our supporters that have shown their appreciation for the men and women serving our country.  But there are a few we’d like to recognize for having made special effort to go the extra mile.  As we continue to receive requests daily, we are looking into platforms that can assist with our fundraising efforts – something to give supporters the tools needed to involve more people in meeting our goals.  But until then, we feel it’s important to give a pat on the back to just a few of the people who have given a little something extra – their time and commitment!

From simple collections to unique events, kudos to these donors who have gone out of their way to engage their friends, colleagues and communities to help us deliver iPads to Soldiers!

Geralyn Marchisello, owner of Spine & Soul Pilates and Spin Studio in Bayside NY, took up a collection from her Wednesday morning class, pictured above, to contribute an iPad.

Last Fall, one of our supporters, Angus McGill, organized a Pub Crawl in his hometown and, with over 70 participants, his efforts helped to raise over $4,500!  Angus made all the arrangements with local restaurants, had t-shirts printed, and promoted the event through local radio and TV stations.  It was such a hit that Angus plans to make it an annual event!

Other supporters, like Jamie & Amy Zambrano (JustAskBoo) and Aurora Labrada, have spearheaded efforts to contact local schools engaging them to hold “Dress-Down Days” on Patriotic Holidays to help raise funds and awareness for iPads for Soldiers.

And over the holidays, this item appeared in Roll Call – something that particularly caught our attention and solved the mystery of why so many donations were suddenly coming from the DC area.

Quinn Gillespie & Associates founder Jack Quinn, whose firm’s Christmas party has often been considered a hot ticket, emailed friends and clients that this year’s reception was off.

“This year, we will forego the party and, instead, donate gifts to some of the men and women who serve our country in the armed forces,” he wrote. The firm donated to iPads for Soldiers, which provides tablet computers to troops serving overseas or recuperating after injuries.

Thank you, Quinn Gillespie & Associates!

Big and small, all these extra-special efforts by our supporters have really helped to deliver iPads to Soldiers!  We look forward to working with more volunteers and super supporters who want to get involved with our efforts and we welcome any ideas.  If you are interested in volunteering and would like to spearhead your own effort to help, please feel free to contact us.


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