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About iPads for Soldiers

iPads For Soldiers mission is to purchase and donate iPads to US Soldiers serving in Afghanistan and those wounded stateside in military hospitals.

After Winnie Pritchett’s oldest son, Wesley, a WestPoint 08′ graduate who flies Kiowa Helicopters was deployed to Jalalabad, Afghanistan she learned that many of our deployed warriors serve in remote regions and have very limited access to TV, internet, cell phones, and no way to carry heavy books or computers in their 110-lb rucksacks. It became obvious to her that the typical care package of candy and magazines wasn’t enough. They needed something that allowed them to speak with their families back home, apps that could help them cope with strenuous situations, the ability to share photos with loved ones, watch movies, listen to music, read books, and even learn new skills and stay up to date on their training… what they really need is an iPad.

It wasn’t long after founding iPads For Soldiers that Winnie Pritchett and her team also realized how beneficial the iPad is to our wounded warriors.  Aside from being a morale booster, the iPad and its many apps proves to be a key element in the recovery process for many wounded heroes. Apps geared toward dealing with mental health issues like ‘PTSD Coach’, an app developed by the Pentagon, ‘T2 MoodTracker’ and ‘PTSD Support’ have helped doctors and patients alike.  Apps such as ‘Answer HD’, ‘Small Talk’, ‘123 numbers’ and others help wounded warriors deal with brain injuries. The touch screen proves unique in allowing those missing fingers and hands to easily navigate the iPad.

We are proud to say that our organization is run by an active volunteer based community, meaning we do not deduct any administration fees. 100% of donations go directly to purchasing iPads. As of July 2022, we have donated over 10,000 iPads. These donations have impacted thousands of soldiers and it doesn’t stop there. In turn thousands of family members and friends, as well as doctors and therapists have greatly benefited.

Your generosity changes our troops lives! During your visit, please make sure to click one of the “Donate” buttons. You can give one or more iPads, or a sum of money that you choose. And, please share our mission with your friends. The more help we receive, the more we are able to say “Thank you for your service.”

With deepest gratitude,

The iPads For Soldiers Team

Board of Directors

Meet the iPads for Soldiers Board of Directors

Susan Frank Divers

Susan Divers is AECOM’s Assistant General for Global Ethics & Compliance. Her responsibilities include anti-corruption law and regulation, sanctions and anti-boycott compliance, training and hotline supervision. Ms. Divers supervises a staff of 6 professionals. AECOM is a global provider... read more.

Charlie Johnston

Charlie was in the retail brokerage and wealth management business for 33 years. He started as a financial advisor in Chicago, and through a series of promotions, eventually became President and CEO of Smith Barney in late 2004. When... read more.

Linda Johnston

Linda Johnston is a board member for iPads for Soldiers. read more.

Paige Latterner

Born on Key Biscayne, Florida. Attended University of California, Santa Barbara. Broker/ Owner of Keys Gate Realty. Involved in Real Estate Development/Building. Ms. Latterner is proud of the role she played in helping to establish the Keys Gate Charter... read more.

Wes Pritchett

A founder of iPads for Soldiers, Wes Pritchett is CEO at Investor Capital Partners a privately held, multi-strategy investment firm based in Miami, FL that pursues investment opportunities globally, across various disciplines and market sectors. He is also Director... read more.

Winnie Pritchett

As well as being the founder of iPads for Soldiers, Winnie Pritchett is the founder of Investors Capital Partners, a privately held, multi-strategy investment firm based in Miami, FL that pursues investment opportunities globally, across various disciplines and market... read more.

Wesley Pritchett

Wesley Pritchett is the son of Winnie & Wes and is also one of the founding members of While deployed to Afghanistan, he realized the potential impact of the Ipad on the well-being of his fellow Soldiers. Through... read more.

Nicole Grace Pritchett

Nicole Grace Pritchett is a board member for iPads for Soldiers. read more.

Linda Tonge

Linda Tonge is a board member for iPads for Soldiers as well as an agent at Keefe Real Estate. read more.

Kerri Topping

Kerri Topping, a graduate of the University of Virginia, spent much of her career as a consultant to litigators, designing multimedia presentations to simplify complex issues for jurors and judges. Having recently relocated to Miami from New York City... read more.

Amy Zambrano

Amy Zambrano, a married, mother of 2, is a graduate of University of Florida with a Major in Advertising & Marketing and a Minor in Speech Communication.  She spent her career working as an Account Supervisor in various advertising... read more.